A Visit to the Music Room!

Happy Fall!!  I want to share some exciting things happening in music class this month.  Students are having fun playing and exploring all sorts of different instruments. 

Fourth and fifth-grade students are experimenting with the African Drums.  They are learning how to play with proper technique for low and high tones, learning to conduct, improvise, play complex rhythms, and just have tons of fun. 


Second and third-grade students are exploring the Frame drum. They are playing fun rhythms, practicing good self-control, and even had a visit from Filipe the Fox, he wears red socks!  

I’m super excited that kindergarten students and first-grade students are starting their first week of instrumental land with our awesome farm unit. They are beginning with the rhythm sticks and will be moving through many of the handheld percussion instruments over the next couple of months.  They are learning when to play and when to stop, playing at certain times in the music, singing while playing, finding the beat, starting simple rhythms, and so much more! 

Ask your child to tell you all about their instrumental adventures! I’m so proud of each and every one of them!  You have some talented kids out there!

-Ms. Jackson