CDNE Balloon Aloft 2021

Before the sun rose on Friday, October 1st, Colinas Del Norte families, students and staff gathered on the school’s field in hopes of seeing Balloons Aloft.  It rained much the day before and many wondered if the balloons would inflate.  Luckily, the day began with sunny skies and just a slight breeze.  Everyone was excited to see two hot air balloons inflate on their field.  Dan Martindell of Albuquerque, NM inflated his hot air balloon, Dawn Song, just before 7 am.  When rising up his balloon he let streamers fall down in the school colors. Just after 7 am, Walt Rudy inflated his hot air balloon, Hour Big Bundle of Joy.  He let families and classes take group pictures in front of his balloon.  Colinas Del Norte appreciates the ballooners coming out and sharing their magnificent balloons with the Colinas Del Norte community.