PED Student Survey

PowerSchool for Students

PARCC Pearson Tutorial

PARCC Practice Tests

Manga High Math Games


A Plus Math
Fun math games, quizzes, flashcards, homework helpers, etc.

Math Playground

American Library Association
Great Websites for kids in a variety of subjects.

America's Library
This site includes documents, images, audio, and film clips from the Library of Congress. Sections include Amazing Americans; Jump Back in Time; Explore the States; Join America at Play; and See, Hear and Sing. Includes on-line, history-related games and activities.

Animated USA

Art and Artists

Art for Little Fingers

ArtsAlive Music
The National Arts Centre (NAC) presents ArtsAlive Music, a great place to discover the excitement of the performing arts! Learn all about orchestral music, the NAC Orchestra , its musicians and friends, great composers, conductors and much more!

Ask Dr. Math
Ask your math questions here.

Ask for Kids

The Atoms Family
This area of the Miami Museum of Science site contains interactive animations demonstrate concepts related to energy, light, electricity, matter, and energy transfer.

Links to

Author and Series Pages

Awesome Library

Between the Lions,
Get Wild About Reading, Stories, Games, Songs, etc.

Billy Bear 4 Kids
Fun art activities!

Bite Size Math and Literacy Games

BJ Pinchbeck Homework Help

How to build the Ogre Catapult and how catapults work.

Chaco Canyon Exploratorium


Colonial Occupation - Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Occupation - Trades

Colonial Occupation - Colonial Children

Colonial Occupation - Settlements

Country Studies for Research

Creative Connections Project

The companion site to PBS's math-based cartoon, this site offers animated math games as well as several comic-book-style "webisodes."

DibDabDoo - Search engine with a database of a million adult reviewed sites for kids and teens.

Math and Language Activities for ages 5-Adult.

Drag and Drop United States
A fun way to learn US geography.

Earth Observatory
Explore the different biomes of the Earth.

Energy Kids
Energy Facts.


Explorers at Enchanted Learning

Explorers at Kathi Mitchell

Explorers at KidInfo

Explorers at Yahoo! Kids

Explorers - European

Explorers - Research

Fact Hound - Cool sites and books arranged by grade and subject.

Free Reading 
A free research based reading intervention program for prekindergarten through sixth grade.

Frog Dissection
Virtually dissect a frog. Get the learning without injuring the frog.

Fun Brain
This site includes games for all subject areas. You can have fun with puzzles, mazes, speed games, and a math arcade.
Go Noodle
Get Moving!

Great Plant Escape
Unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life!

Great Teaching and Learning Resources for Teachers, Parents, and Students!
This is a large selection of teaching and learning resources in all subject areas!

Harcourt Math Online (Get the password and directions from your child's teacher)

Haring Kids
Fun educational games and activities!

Infoplease Homework Center

Jan Brett's (the author) Home Page

Jefferson Lab
Science games and puzzles.

A great family resource for learning games!





Kids Guide to Collecting Things
an Internet gateway for kids

The Kindersite has 1,000s of links to the best Games, Songs and Stories for young children.

Links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject.

Literacy Center
The LiteracyCenter.Net serves more than a million free literacy lessons a month to children in 141 countries. It provides safe learning activities for parents and teachers to share with young children. All online lessons are free of advertising and free of charge.

Little Clickers
This site is dedicated to excellence in educational web sites for children (aged 3-to 12-years), as judged by the picky editors of Children's Technology Review magazine.

Cacoo -  Nice site for creating online charts and graphs with a built-in chat feature for collaboration.

Middlespot -  Innovative website for social bookmarking that allows users to collect sites in a visual way.

Education Eye - Fun site for brainstorming with this visual search engine.

Kizoa - Great site for creating animated slide shows with lots of different content to choose from.

Drag on Tape - Very user-friendly site that uses a drag-n-drop interface to edit and mix video.

MeMoov - Very user-friendly site for digital storytelling that allows users to record their voice for narration.

Encyclomedia - Video encyclopedia where results can be embedded into a site.

Jay Cut - Similar to iMovie that allows users to edit or create a video.

Comic Master - Fun site for digital storytelling that has a drag-n-drop interface.

Knowcase - Create collaborative outlines with this easy-to-use site.

Cloud Canvas - Great site for photo editing and drawing or painting, similar to Splashup.

Googlios - A way for students to create digital portfolios online using Google Tools.

Lonely Planet

A child's guide to the world!

Lycos Zone Homework Help
Cool tools to help with homework.

MacMillan Treasures Online Reading Resources

Magazine Directory

The Magic of Dirt
Ask the Answer Worm your questions about dirt.

Magic Studio - Great multi-media site for uploading photos,documents or video and then editing them.

Mama Media

Map Math

Map Reading

Mars for Kids
Fun games and activities to learn about Mars!

Math Fact Cafe
Math Fact Sheets, Worksheet Factory, Flashcards and more!

Math Magician
Interactive math games.

Math Nook

Math Playground
An action packed site for students in grades K to 6.  Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!

Mr. Picasso Head Art Gallery
Create your own Mr. Picasso Head and add him to the gallery!

Multiplication Practice - practice multiplication, print worksheets, etc.

Get the username and password from your teacher.

National Geographic for Kids

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Math manipulatives for a variety of activities and ages.

North Pole Clubhouse

Olympic Mascots

One stop link for kids on the Internet
Lots of help for kids all at one place.

Podunk Town
Search for a town!
Any city or town!
Anywhere in the US!

Preschool and Kindergarten Fun

PreZentit - Very similar to Shwup, a nice looking site for making collaborative slide shows.

Quintura for Kids - A search engine for kids that acts a bit like a tag cloud where results can be embedded into a site.



Resources for Science Learning at the Franklin Institute

Safe Image Sites:

Sanford Art Products and Resources

Scholastic News

Scholastic News - Presidential Inauguration Acitivies

September 11th through Children's Eyes

Great site for making collaborative slide shows.

Simple and Complex Machines

Small Planet
Lots of links just for kids

Solar System Exploration

Space Exploration
Bing reference.

Spark Top
Created for kids ages 8-12, students express themselves through games, activities, and creativity tools.

Species at Risk

Spelling City
Create worksheets, study your spelling words, play spelling games, etc.

Splashup - Looks like Photoshop and is a great way to edit photos and manipulate layers and effects.

The Starfall learn-to-read website is offered free as a public service. We also provide writing journals and books at a very low cost that can be used with the website or separately. Teachers around the country are using Starfall materials as an inexpensive way to make the classroom more fun and to inspire a love of reading and writing.

Stop Bullying Now!

Story Jumper -Excellent site for digital storytelling, with many educational resources for teachers.

Storyline Online

Study Buddy
Homework help, tutorials, etc.

The Sun, A Multimedia TourMars for Students
Learn all about Mars!

Surfing the Net with Kids a site with hundreds of kid-friendly sites organized by topic

Sweet Search - Excellent search engine for students, as everything has been reviewed by educators.

Switcheroo Zoo
Create your own animals in the Switcheroo Zoo!

Tall Tales
Teacher Lesson Plan to Use with Students

Thinkfinity - Resources for Teachers, Students, Parents, and After School Programs

TodaysMeet - Create a real-time, private, back channel chat that brings in tweets from Twitter

Tomie dePaola's (the author) Official Website

Tox Mystery
Help Toxie the Cat find all the potential hazards in the house in this mystery game.

Treasures Reading Book Library with Activities

Tumble Books Library

Underground Railroad Activities

United States Mint

USDA for Kids
Health and nutrition for kids from the US Department of Agriculture.

We are Teachers - Social network for educators where lots of ideas and lessons can be found.

Weather Components
Sandia National Labs Weather Lessons

Websites for Children Who Love to Write

What's a Science Snack?
They're not the kind you eat. They're the kind you can learn from and have fun with. Take a look.

Winter Holiday Activities


World Facts for Research

Brings words to life through the use of video.

Create word clouds.

World of Measurement

Help, fun, and games that are safe for kids.

Zooburst - Great site for for digital storytelling, where a user can make an online 3D pop-up book.